Software development

Magic Blue Creative combines creativity with technical know-how to build software solutions that are functional and attractive. Our experienced staff understand the limitations of the internet. Issues such as browser differences, screen resolutions and bandwidth limitations are a challenge easily overcome. We have been building systems for over 10 years and have developed solutions for market leaders like:


Our systems are used all over the world and we would welcome the opportunity to work with your company to show you how we can use technology to deliver more sales, increase your revenues and profits.

Mobile Marketing And SMS Systems

Magic Blue Creative can create customised mobile marketing, information, SMS marketing, database building, database minning, and entertainment systems for you and your business. Click here to review one of the many succesful systems we have developed for our clients.

Mobile Marketing And SMS Systems Developed Include:


Branded Corporate Media Players and Licensing Of Third Party Entertainment Content

Magic Blue Creative works with Australia's leading independent record label production house Blue Pie to work with you to deliver custom branded media players and licensing of third party entertainment content for your marketing projects. We develop customised 360 degree turn key solutions for our clients. With over 14000 labels and 10000 artists to select from there is something here for everyone.

Social Network and Data Mining Applications

Magic Blue Creative has developed social networking tools that connect communities and build databases. One of our products " Herd " is an ideal social network platform that allows B2B communities to interact and develop new levels of communication along with new levels of commerce. 

Our products are in constant review and development by not only the Magic Blue Creative team of developers but also by you our customers. Changes and benefits gained by one customer are often made available to other customers in a matter of 90 days or less. We continually revise the needs of our client base maintaining and improving our solutions accordingly. 

Magic Blue Creative has developed CMS solutions that enable clients to maintain their own website from their own computer in their own time. Clients do not need programming experience - in fact it is as easy as using Microsoft Word. Magic Blue Creative utilises many platforms from ASP.NET, J2EE to HTML/DHTML and SQL, all followed by high quality standards and systems maintenance.

Social Networking clients include:


Branded Prepaid Visa Cards

Magic Blue Creative works with Mobile Vouchers, Mercury Mobile Commerce and BoPo to create branded prepaid VISA cards. Read over the recently completed Job Futures branded prepaid VISA card program that we have put together for this leader in education. Click here to review the attached product power point and how we can help to grow your brand.

Click here to check our what a branded prepaid VISA card could look like for your brand.

Branded Music Cards and Branded Music Vouchers to promote your Brand

Magic Blue Creative works with Blue Pie Productions and the My Blue Pie Music store to create the " Any Brand " music card. You can check out some of the cards that we have created by clicking on the attached power point. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how to create marketing leading competitive advantages to drive sales of your products and services using music as a reward or gift with purchase. Some of our customers that use the Magic Blue Creative branded music cards and vouchers include:


Intranet and extranet development

Magic Blue Creative designs secure intranet and extranet systems to support companies in optimizing their documents and pathways, comprehensively integrating and facilitating work flow. We have recently launched the new Job Futures Member Services extranet. This system links up to 3500 staff, family members and partners along with 65 member companies Australia wide. You can see some of the services and systems that we have developed and made available through the extranet.

Graphic design

Magic Blue Creative has won many design awards over the past 15 years. Our designs work on specific client briefs or from the back of a paper napkin. We are flexible in our work process in the way we turn our customers ideas into visual works of art. All types of graphic artwork can be generated utilizing our full service graphic design staff, from print ad design to complete web site design, database driven websites, web development and hosting, we can provide you with a complete suite of creative products. We provide our customers with practical design services that lead to increased business. 

Increased Business = Increased Revenue.

Strategic technology consultation

Magic Blue Creative has a world wide network of highly experience systems integration, B2B, B2C, Entertainment and business development consultants available on request. We work with our clients on mergers and acquisitions, business development, systems review and design and assisting in trade sales of businesses. 

We are available to consult and recommend technology options to assist your business with internal and external communications. Our team are proven and every assignment comes with our performance guarantee. If you are not happy then our services are free. It is that simple.

Strategic marketing consultation

In order to thrive, companies must continually acquire and retain customers. Magic Blue Creative's integrated marketing process consists of understanding your needs, developing a marketing strategy, building and implementing the plan and monitoring the results. Although the process seems simple, most companies have a hard time developing an integrated marketing strategy that includes an interactive approach that actually ENGAGES their prospective audience. Magic Blue Creative will help your business to formulate a marketing strategy that reflects the needs, interests, habits, and behaviors of your customers.
Concept Design and Business System Development

The Magic Blue Creative team has been at the forefront of technology for the past 15 years. With our market leading designers and consultants we provide our customers with concept design and conceptual business develop services and solutions to drive business forward. We are all about growing your business. A good example of some of the conceptual design work that we have completed includes an entertainment focused view of how the Australian market leader in VoIP could take advantage of the converging communication and entertainment markets by integrating digital entertainment with their product offering. The concepts were developed over a series of meetings with the management of engin in 2003. Seems that they understood back then the power of digital entertainment as a currency of the future to provide leverage to drive sales of symbiotic products and services.

Customer Surveys

Magic Blue Creative's affordable online survey tools allow you to conduct an unlimited number of surveys, empowering you with real-time feedback & research to drive your business.

Magic Blue Creative's friendly Consultants will be able to help you formulate a promotion to guide your existing customers or your prospects to a questionnaire. In order to get results the questionnaire is usually linked to a promotion of some sort. Your customers are driven by the competition to fill out the form, at the same time providing you with their contact details and the information you want to know about them.

The data is immediately available for you to view on the web and you can access all the statistics as well as drilling down to the particulars of any one person joining the competition or survey. Yes, you will see your list growing as it happens and you will have a list of people genuinely interested in your products or services. 

We have been working with many of our customers developing online survey solutions including:


Service level agreements

Magic Blue Creative provides customer focused service. This carries through to its commitment to well documented Service Level Agreements. Our team provides our customers with a depth of experience that is seldom available in smaller organizations and our competitors. We have created service level agreements and performance guarantees for many of our customers including:


Technology and eCommerce Services

At Magic Blue Creative we have developed proprietary software, systems and solutions to drive your business further and to increase your business further and to increase your profits. Our systems include:
  • MBC web content management solution (CMS) allows administering of navigation, design and content to be managed by anyone that knows MS Word.
  • Virtual Board Rooms and Offices.
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms and libraries.
  • Membership Only areas.
  • E-commerce for online transactions with secure gateway/SSL.
  • E-marketing solutions - providing client to manage and send e-news, e-alerts, e-promotions whenever they want
  • Online competitions.
  • Rostering systems.
  • Online sensitive Document management areas.
  • Sms and mms integrated with e-marketing online packages.
  • Online catalogues.
  • Plus so much more...
Coaching Services

At Magic Blue Creative we offer business coaching services in the following areas. For full details on our fees for this service please click on the following link and download our flyer:

   Business coaching services

Our services include:
  • Strategic technology or marketing consultation.
  • Product, program or project planning.
  • Directed brainstorming or troubleshooting.
  • Seminar or workshop development and leadership.
  • Directed meeting facilitation.
  • Group or individual coaching, mentoring or consulting to improve productivity.
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Featured clips and videos

Magic Blue Creative can provide animation, commercials, advertorials. If you like future information or to have magic Blue Creative to produce your media then email us at
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